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4 Keys to Unlock Your Metabolism Part 2

People that actively participate in the National Health Registry Surveys say they get about 36% of their calories from complex and simple carbohydrates, and only about 49% of calories from protein. Fat makes up about 15% of their diet. People in the Registry also say they consume 2,300 to 2,900 calories a day on average, but that number is probably lower than what they actually eat. Although a lot of people may think of only pasta and bread when they hear the word “carbohydrates,” complex carbohydrates are in many foods, not only grains but also in beans and many vegetables. Simple carbohydrates are more in line with things like sugar, starchy foods and sweetened food. Both kinds of carbohydrates are important for your body, but as the saying goes “too much of a good thing can hurt you” this is really true of simple carbohydrates. Moderation is important.

Remember that a good diet probably isn’t one that makes you outlaw certain types of food. Being too strict can make it hard to stick to a healthy eating plan. The mental stressors of “if I eat X food, all of my hard work just went out the window”, will lead to even stronger cravings and more yo-yo weight gains and losses. The problem for most people is not so much that they’re eating the wrong things, but that they’re eating too much. Moderation is important.

But what about protein diets? People using protein diets (think NO carbohydrates…at all…ever) can and often do lose weight. The fact is that you can probably lose weight on any of the major diet plans, and Registry members slimmed down employing all sorts of different approaches. There are pros and cons to each plan, but becoming mindful of what you put into your body perhaps is the most important thing that you can do for yourself. When you put thought into what you eat, and don’t just zone when you eat (more on that in #4), you will find that your eating plan becomes easier to plan.

What we’ve found is that people who are successful at maintaining their weight loss eat a lower-fat, mid-carbohydrate and higher protein diet, using minimally processed foods. So while a protein rich diet can be good for losing weight, it may also be one of the best ways to eat for long-term weight maintenance.

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