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Key to Unlock Your Metabolism Part 1: The Real Questions

Whenever we see some celebrity on the cover of a magazine, we have all had those nagging questions: How in the world do they get a body like that? What does their trainer have them do that gives them such results? Are they having work done? OR using some new diet? OR are they just born with such great genetics? OR on and on and on.

The truth may surprise you.

Yes, the trainer they have is probably having the celeb do a very engaging workout that is on a schedule, with someone yanking the celebrity’s butt out of bed in the morning to keep them on that schedule that runs from dawn to wee hours of the morning so they can get the next part, or be seen at the right vent, in the right clothes to show off their workout body (but you can get that same workout at a much better price). Yes, they might be having work done, with just a nip here , a tuck there and a little Botox to filling the cracks that begin to show after a while (but probably not actual body work. That takes valuable time out of the spotlight). Yes, they probably have a personal chef that makes a particular eating regiment, that follows that celebrity around making sure the food is ready whenever and where ever the person goes (you can have that, too. WAY less expensive and, if you like even delivered to your door, portion controlled and super tasty). Yes, they maybe some form of genetic marvel, who eats like a teenage boy at an all you-can-eat buffet after working out with the football team all afternoon, and treats their body like some trash can or mad scientist’s lab (but that is very rare in celebrity’s that you think of in the public eye). With all of these questions and what ifs flying around, where does the truth really lie?

Here is the vicious truth: 80% of successful weight loss is what you eat and drink. That’s right.

“But it’s not that easy!!”. I didn’t say it was easy. You are changing your LIFE. Not a task to be taken lightly. Why do you think they call it a “Life Style Change”. Because that’s what it is, not just the catchy phrasing. You’re making a change in your life and change is work. Hard work. Yet, so worth it. You are changing the way you live your life and a big part of of life is food. You need the fuel to keep yourself running. Do you know what happens when you put low grade fuel into an engine? That’s right, the engine doesn’t perform well. So why did we think the human body would be any different?

Now it is really simple to start putting the right fuel / food into your body. Also, the guide to follow can be broken down to simpler concepts. If that’s the case, then it’s easy to distill the whole proper eating concept down to four basic keys (think keys to unlock new body you want to create for yourself).

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