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Bullying for Kids and Adults

I get a number of Kid Krav Maga students that are concerned about bullying, the most common question I get from parents and adults is “How do I prevent bullying?”. The answer usually takes them off guard, “YOU usually can’t. You can intercede, but the person in the situation is the one who can truly prevent it.”

Though I don’t teach a traditional martial art, the core principles and student outcomes are still the same. Students are strongly encouraged to avoid physical encounters and instead taught avoidance, awareness and de-escalation techniques. Also with the continued training, the leadership and self confidence skills that develop dissolve bully issues before they start. Oh by the way, this applies for adults as well as children.

The only suggestion I might add, is one overlooked part of the psychology of the bully. The thought that bullies have a low self esteem or poor self image in many cases is not true. Most have an inflated self image. This is especially true in girls, where bullying is more subtle. This attitude is accompanied by the need to prove that fact socially. This is why the bully has the need for followers and domination of others.

Remember to first avoid physical confrontation and to be firm in your tone. Then use de-escalation techniques to have the bully calm and possibly find common ground. If you still cannot stop the bullying (to you or another person) find someone in authority that can help (teacher, guidance counselor or, for adults, supervisor and human resources).

Always remember you have the power to make your life better. The bully has their own agenda to try to make themselves feel more important than they really are. When you make it your agenda to not let them influence you, then you have taken away all of their power.

Until next time get fit, stay safe and become amazing!

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