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An Ounce of Prevention In Real Life

Recently when talking to a student after class, he kept wondering why I stressed prevention and deescalation so much. Now let’s be clear, prevention is when you stop an attack or an encounter, before it even gets started.

First and foremost, the reason why I stress prevention so much is, not being in a fight or violent encounter is so much better then getting into one. Sounds like common sense right? It is! Most people seem to think that if they’re in a common altercation or small scuffle in a bar, and the police are not called and no one gets thrown out of wherever it is encounter happens, then its fine. No harm no foul right? Yeah you may be bruised, have a black eye or a split lip, but it didn’t turn out that badly. Right? I’m sorry to say but no. Because you forgot about the security cameras where you were, or those kids with the cell phone video going 24/7, or the other party involved has a bunch of friends and a long memory. Now that picture has changed. It could be that you are brought to charges later, you could have a police officer show up at your door with a warrant for your arrest for fleeing the scene of a crime, or it winds up all over the internet ( I’m sure your boss and coworkers would just love that right?), or it could be that person with a bunch of friends looking to have a not so fair fight.

I had an old kungfu teacher who said “the best way to avoid a punch, is to not be there”. I tell you that guy was pretty wise, and had only been in 2 or 3 physical encounters in his entire life ( he attributed those to his youth, inexperience and pure stupidity) and here he was an absolutely phenomenal fighter and martial artist. Only years later I really understood what he was talking about. If you do not get yourself into those situations in the first place, you do not need to use your defensive skills. So simple, but it is so elusive to some. So next time when things start to get a little heated, take a moment and find way to put yourself in the best position to not be there at all. Get fit, stay safe, become amazing!

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