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  • 4 Keys to Unlock Your Metabolism Part 2

    People that actively participate in the National Health Registry Surveys say they get about 36% of their calories from complex and simple carbohydrates, and only about 49% of calories from protein. Fat makes up about 15% of their diet. People in the Registry also say they consume 2,300 to 2,900 calories a day on average, but that number is probably lower than what they actually eat. Although a lot of people may think of only pasta and bread when they hear the word “carbohydrates,” complex carbohydrates are in many foods, not only grains but also in beans and many vegetables. Simple carbohydrates are more in line with things like sugar, starchy foods and sweetened food. Both ....

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  • Key to Unlock Your Metabolism Part 1: The Real Questions

    Whenever we see some celebrity on the cover of a magazine, we have all had those nagging questions: How in the world do they get a body like that? What does their trainer have them do that gives them such results? Are they having work done? OR using some new diet? OR are they just born with such great genetics? OR on and on and on. The truth may surprise you. Yes, the trainer they have is probably having the celeb do a very engaging workout that is on a schedule, with someone yanking the celebrity’s butt out of bed in the morning to keep them on that schedule that runs from dawn to wee hours of the morning so they can get the next part, or be seen at the right vent, in the ....

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  • An Ounce of Prevention In Real Life

    Recently when talking to a student after class, he kept wondering why I stressed prevention and deescalation so much. Now let’s be clear, prevention is when you stop an attack or an encounter, before it even gets started. First and foremost, the reason why I stress prevention so much is, not being in a fight or violent encounter is so much better then getting into one. Sounds like common sense right? It is! Most people seem to think that if they’re in a common altercation or small scuffle in a bar, and the police are not called and no one gets thrown out of wherever it is encounter happens, then its fine. No harm no foul right? Yeah you may be bruised, have a black eye or a ....

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  • Bullying for Kids and Adults

    I get a number of Kid Krav Maga students that are concerned about bullying, the most common question I get from parents and adults is “How do I prevent bullying?”. The answer usually takes them off guard, “YOU usually can’t. You can intercede, but the person in the situation is the one who can truly prevent it.” Though I don’t teach a traditional martial art, the core principles and student outcomes are still the same. Students are strongly encouraged to avoid physical encounters and instead taught avoidance, awareness and de-escalation techniques. Also with the continued training, the leadership and self confidence skills that develop dissolve bully ....

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